About Us

We could give credit to the Little River Duck Dogs that started us on a search for light but durable equipment, or the small Calgary river that ignited our passion for getting mucky. Either way, we are Little River YYC and we have great gear to share with you!

In the foreground, a Nova scotia duck tolling retriever wearing a harness is looking to the right and in the background a woman wearing sunglasses is holding the harness and looking at the camera
Rolls of BioThane coated webbing are on a table made from sawhorses with a nova scotia duck tolling retriever standing beside them and looking at the camera

Quality Control

Our quality control team thoroughly inspects every package on arrival to ensure it doesn't have any treats... ahem... is up to sniff... AHEM... snuff.

More "Quality Control"

Our quality control team "supervises" the cutting and sealing of all BioThane to maintain it's stink-proof nature. That way you can have tons of hours of fun in the mud and your gear can keep up.

A Brittany puppy and a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever puppy are playing "bitey face" in the grass.
Two Brittany puppies in a pen are playing tug with a toy

Top Notch Training

We use techniques that have been scientifically proven to get quality results. Whether you prefer hot dogs or cheese, balls or tugs, we like it too! Our passion is for having fun and building a good canine-human team to help accomplish your goals.

Our Team

We work hard and play hard, and we do it together!

A woman is smiling and holding a very wet pitbull mix with a ball in it's mouth


After completing her DCBC certification, fostering hundreds of dogs, and teaching classes from puppy skills to reactive dogs, she finally started training working dogs with her first search and rescue canine.  She has a passion for the teamwork and fun required to motivate dogs to excel and strives to share that fun with all canine-human teams she teaches.

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A woman is holding a bowl while sitting on the floor. Four dogs are lying on two dog beds looking very attentively at the woman.

The Canine Unit

Whether they're volunteering, working, or enjoying some leisure time, the Canine Unit is sniffing. They like swimmy pools, muddy paws, tires, and finding cheerios in the grass.

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*Note that it is the handler's job to read fan mail as a bed time story.

A person is sitting in an off road vehicle smiling and holding an enthusiastic puppy with paws on the hood

Offsite Testing

We have many thank yous for everyone that has helped design and test our products, bounced training ideas, and taken us places to train and play at our best!